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nettings used in fish cage

multifilament fishing net-Nettingland

multi fish cage netting

it could be made of nylon or polyester. we have different quality to choose.

The multifilament net is woven by nylon or polyester fiber, it is the softest net for fishing, so it can reduce the damage to the fishes in aquaculture. it could be used as outer and inner nets of fish cage.

knotless net-Nettingland

Knotless fish cage netting

it could be made of HDPE, polyester or nylon.

The knotless net is very smooth, so it can reduce the damage to the fishes in aquaculture. it is uaually used as inner net of the fish cage.

braided netting-Nettingland

Braided fish cage netting

it could be made of HDPE and nylon

The braided net is woven by braided twine, which is braided by braiding machines. the nets have high abrasion resistance, so it is could be used as inner and outer net of fish cage.

black knotted safety net-Nettingland

Twisted fish cage netting

It is usually made of HDPE

The twisted net is woven by weaving machines, it is widely used in many fields, it can be used as the outer net of fish cage.

Photos of production

aquaculture netting-Nettingland
fish cage-Nettingland

OEM & DESIGN service

OEM design-Nettingland

How our fish cage netting are produced


We have 9 extrusion production lines

Our machines are controlled by computer, which can control the speed and temperature exactly and stably.


We have 100+ weaving machines.

The nets with the same diameter will be woven by the same machines. it can reduce the strength loss caused by the abrasion in weaving.

length strength

The fishing net should be treated in length or depth strength after weaving.

The knots would be tighter after the length or depth strength in the high temperature vacuum machines. it can reduce the defects in strength and knots.


All the packing details could be customized.

The nets could be packed by piece, and all the details could be customized, such as the quantity of nets per bale, label and ship mark, etc.

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