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most popular ropes in the market

PE 3-strand rope-Nettingland

PE rope

HDPE, Ø4 - Ø52mm

This is one of the most popular rope used in fishing, it could be used as parts of trawling net, or to be used to install or repair the nets

PP 8-strand rope-Nettingland

PP rope

PP, Ø4 - Ø52mm

it is also the popular rope used in fishing and industry. it is not so soft as PE rope.

nylon braied rope-Nettingland

nylon rope

Nylon, Ø24 - Ø120mm

It can be used as parts of fishing net, such as trawling net, seine net, fish cage. it has high breaking elongation, fatigue and impact resistance. but the resistance will be reduced by about 10% if wet.

polyester 8-strand rope-Nettingland

Polyester rope

Polyester, Ø24 - Ø120mm

it has the best abrasion resistance, high breaking elongation and strength, and the properties is the same even it is wet. it is suitable for the continuous friction working situation.

Mixed rope

PE&PP, PP&Polyester

it has high strength and abrasion resistance, and it can be floated on the water. it is softer than PE rope.

UHMWPE braided rope-Nettingland


UHMWPE, Ø6 - Ø120mm

Highest strength, same strength as steel wire rope with the same diameter. it is 5-6 times stronger than other plastic rope.

popular applications of rope

details of fish cage-Nettingland
sports rope-Nettingland

OEM & DESIGN service

OEM design-Nettingland

How our ropes are produced


Our machines are controlled by computer, which can control the speed and temperature exactly and stably.

rope making

This is the 12-strand rope making machines, it is used to make the ropes in large diameter.

rope making

Our workshop have many braided machines to make the braided rope. it is widely used many fields, such as fishing net, sports net.

rope making

To produce the high quality products, we need control all the details of key process. this kinds of braided rope is used to make the sports net.

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