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most popular safety net in the market

knotted bird netting-Nettingland

knotted safety net

HDPE, 700D/21ply

it is usually used as protection net for balcony or building in construction. It is very popular in the market, it can help to reduce the risk of falling. So the strength is very important.

knotless net-Nettingland

knotless safety net

HDPE, Nylon, Polyester

The knotless net is also a good choice for safety nets.  It is so smooth on the surface that it is friendly to people. It is very popular to used as the safety nets in building, playground, school, etc.

scaffolding net-Nettingland

debris net


This is the most common type of safety netting used on construction sites. It is usually installed vertically on the façade of a building in construction, which can effectively control the fall range of falling objects from height and avoid injury to passers-by.

scaffold netting


This is an alternative construction to safety nets and is popular in the market. It is installed horizontally and is used to catch debris that accidentally falls from above the building. Normally a building will have several layers of this type of safety netting on different floors

scaffolding net-Nettingland

safety net


This is another structure of debris netting for the same purpose as the debris netting, also mounted vertically on the façade. We will also have other structures, which can be customised.

warning net


This is used for safety warning nets. It tells pedestrians on the road that work is being carried out here and to be careful. Or to warn others that there is danger here. These nets are very popular on construction sites, roadside work etc. That’s why they are all very brightly coloured.

most popular applications

safety net-Nettingland
balcony safety net-Nettingland
knotless net in playground-Nettingland

OEM & DESIGN service

OEM design-Nettingland

How our safety net are produced


We have 9 extrusion production lines

Our extrusion machines are controlled by computer, which can control the speed and temperature exactly and stably.

weaving of knotted net

We have 60+ knotted weaving machines.

We have special workshops for knotted nets, including PE knotted nets, polyester knotted nets and nylon knotted nets. We can make 6 ply – 300 ply knotted net for different clients.

weaving of knotless net

We have 50+ raschel weaving machines.

We also have a dedicated workshop for the production of knotless nets, which are also available in different materials, PE, polyester and nylon. We can produce 3 ply – 1500 ply knotless nets for different customers.


We have 30+ raschel knitted machines.

Safety nets for building facades are generally produced on our raschel warp-knitting machines in the weight range 60-200 g. It can be produced in different constructions and colors and can be customised according to customer photos and samples.

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