About Nettingland

We are focus on the plastic netting for over 20 years. At the first time, the fishing net and shade net are our main products. To meet different requirements in the market, we explore the new products in garden, sports, industry, aquaculture, and agriculture. The filter net for the cooling pipe of nuclear power station is another new field for us now. Our products help our partners around the world to win the market for a long time, they include include the distributors and e-commerce in Amazon. 

workshop of monofilament fishing net-Nettingland
workshop of knotless netting-Nettingland
sewing workshop of sports net-Nettingland


We have several workshops for different products, such as monofilament fishing net, multifilament fishing net, braided net, twisted net, knotless netting, sports net, raschel net and rope.

We also can do the sewing works, such as the trawling net, seine net, aquaculture cage, shade sail, privacy screen, sports net, football net, baseball net, golf net, tennis net, badminton net, volleyball net, rugbe passing net, etc.

Test Equipment

The quality is very important for us.  We have detailed procedure of testing to ensure the quality of each batch is stable and acceptable.

  • The strength of raw material should be test before production each batch.
  • The strength, size and weight should be test when the first product is finished.
  • we also can have the test in the third party if required.
thread strength testing-Nettingland
strength testing-Nettingland

Our team

In the beginning of our company, we are focus on the nets in fishing and agriculture, now we explored the new markets in sports, safety, garden and industry. 

To meet the requirements of the markets, our team also can provide the one-stop solution, to help our clients solve the problems in fishing, sports, crop protection, cost reduction, capacity improvement, etc.

Our technical team also could provide drafting design service and sample making service to help our clients adjust the design at any time before production.

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