widely used in the river, lake and sea


Gill net is an ancient fishing technique that has been around for centuries. It’s so light and easy to use, you can do it with just your hand! Gill nets work well in river or lake but they’re also useful on the open sea if there are certain species of fish like tuna which prefer deep water

The depth range of this fishing line is 5m – 200 meters. It’s perfect for catching all sorts fish, be it on top water or bottom depths!

How it works

 Gill nets are typically sewn together and can be over 5 km long. When dropped into water, they form an effective barrier for fish to swim through with their heads but not bodies.

If a larger species tries struggling or escaping from this mesh enclosure-which would make any movement difficult due slip behind its gills–the threads will simply pull tighter until escape is impossible!

Types of gill net

drift gill net(top)

This drift gill net is used in the top-water by using the systerm of floats, leads and ropes. The floats should keep the gill net could be floating on the top water.

Drift gill net(mid)

This kind of gill net is used in the mid-water to catch the fish in the depth from 10 to 20 meters or more. The whole gill net shoud be hanged by floats on the top-water for fishermen to identify.

Set gill net(bottom)

The set gill net is used in the bottom of the water, it is fixed in the bottom or by anchor. There will be several floats connected with the nets on top-water as a mark.

Tips for choose

The design of gill net is a little different when it is used in top water and bottom of water. So we can have a further talk about the situation you want to use. Then we can give your a proposal.

Parts of gill net

Nylon mono net

the gill nets is made of nylon monofilament net or multifilament monofilament net, the specification of net determine the weight of fish you can catch.


The floats could be made of PVC and EVA, the PVC float is hard and a little cheaper. and the EVA float is usually used in the top water. We also could used the floating rope to replace the floats.


The leads could be made of lead, iron or other material. The lead is the most popular material for gill net, we also could use the lead rope to replace the leads by piece.

Kindly remind

The floats, leads, ropes, floating rope or lead rope are all a little different for different market. You could have a talk with our engineer if you don’t know how to choose.

Production of Gill net

The gill net is a completed fishing net, it could be used in fishing directly. So it need be installed with fishing net, floats, leads and ropes.

nets weaving

The details of production of fishing net is same as other nets.


We need install the nets with floats and leads by ropes, all the works are finished by hand.


The gill nets should be packed individually, it is convienient for clients to sell directly.

accessories to choose

we have many different accessories for different clients to choose, such as floats, rope, leads, etc


The floats could be EVA and PVC, EVA is usually used for floating net, the PVC is usually used for bottom net.

lead rope &floating rope

There are many kinds of floating rope and lead rope, the color, size, weight and structure could be customized for you.


The ropes include main line and auxiliary line on top and bottom. the normal main line on top is 5-8mm, the normal main line on bottom is 5-7mm.

How to pack it for your clients

Most of time, the gill nets will be sent to clients directly, so the packing is very important. There are 3 kinds of packing for you to choose.

plastic bag

The gill nets will be packed into an individual plastic bag, several bags will be packed into a big plastic bag. This is the normal packing for most of gill net.


The gill nets will be packed into a CTN, and several CTN will be packed into a bigger CTN. it is suitable for online store, such as Amazon.

plastic box

The gill nets will be packed into a plastic box, and several boxes will be packed into a CTN. it is suitable for super market.

6 steps to buy your gill net

The gill nets a completed products, which could be sold to the fishermen directly. So it could be sold in Amazon, online store, super market, offline fishing store, etc.

Proposal Discuss

You should talk with us about the specifications of nets, floats, leads, ropes and packing details.


We will prepare the price, quality, quantity, delivery time, packing details, shipping details and payment term for you.

sample check

To check if the details of gill net is the same as your expectation. You could ask for a sample to check.

order confirm

If the quality and details of sample are approved, you could place a trial order, including the material list, quantity, payment term, delivery time, shipping details, etc.

workshop of monofilament fishing net-Nettingland

We will start to arrange the production after confirming the order. The photos and videos in the production will be showed with you if you want.

shipping of shade sail-Nettingland

When the goods are prepared for shipping, we will inform you to book the vessel, and we will load the container and share the photos and videos with you.

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