Ground cover

prevent the growth of weeds for your crops.


Ground cover, also known as anti-weed fabric or weed barrier, is a type of synthetic or natural material that is used to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants in a specific area.

It works by blocking sunlight, which prevents weeds from germinating and growing.

The fabric is also permeable, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the plants while still preventing weed growth.

it is commonly used in landscaping, gardening, and farming to reduce the need for herbicides and to improve the overall appearance of an area.


Popular Applications

Types of ground cover

According to the process of production, the ground cover could be classified into circular woven, Sulzer Rutti woven and non-woven fabric.

circular woven

it is made of PE or PP, it is produced by circular weaving machine. this is the most popular type in the market.

Sulzer Rutti woven

It is made of PP or PE, it is produced by Sulzer Rutti Loom, so it has higher strength than the circular woven fabric.

non-woven fabric

It is made of PP, it is produced by non-woven machine. 

Production of ground cover

The ground cover was produced by many steps, including the extrusion, weaving, rolling and packing.

Raw material
raw materials of netting-Nettingland

The raw material of ground cover is PP or PE. To make the nets more durable, we will add the UV into the materials.


The thread will be extruded by the extrusion machines. The ground cover is produced by tape thread.


The thread will be woven by different machinses as the requirements of clients.


To make it easy to transport and warehousing, the ground cover will be divided into small roll of 100m by the rolling machines. 


The ground cover each roll will be put into a plastic bag, and the labels will be put inside together.


The rolls of ground cover will be loaded into the container, which will be shipped to our clients around the world.

How to choose the ground cover

To make sure the ground cover will be accepted and hot sale in your market, there are several factors you should consider.


High quality ground cover depend on high quality HDPE, UV, color master and other additives. 

The normal quality of ground cover in the market is 3 years warranty.


General speaking, The normal weight of ground cover is 80-120g, 100g is the most popular choice in the market.


The people has their own preference in different market, some colors would be hot sale, and some not.

By roll

The normal packing method is to packed by roll. The ground cover will be packed by roll, and put into a plastic bag with the label inside.

By piece

Some ground cover will be packed by piece. it will be folded by hand and put into a plastic bag and CTN. This kind of ground cover is usually sold in online store.

shipping of mat-Nettingland

Some ground cover will be sold in supermarket or online store, it need be packed by CTN, which will help them be sent by express easily. 

How to buy ground cover

If you want to find a suitable supplier, here are some steps for your reference.

Specifications discuss

You could have a talk with your supplier about their products and factory.


in the further talk, you could share the specifications with them, and ask for a best price.

Samples check

To check the quality, you could ask the suppliers for the samples to check their quality. You also could check the photos and videos of their production.

Order comfirm

After comparing the price and quality, you would have a discuss with your management, and decide to choose the best supplier.


The supplier will start to produce the ground cover as your requirement. You could ask the photos and videos of the production several weeks later.


All the goods will be loaded into the container when it is prepared. As usual, the supplier will share the photos or videos of loading with you.

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