Multi net

widly used in trawling net, purse seine, fish cage, etc.


Multifilament net is also called knotted net. it is widely used as fishing net, sports net, industry net, etc.

It could be made of nylon, polyester or UHMWPE(Dyneema). It is produced by the weaving machines.

Compared to the PE net, it is very soft. Compared to the knotless net, it has higher abrasion resistance.

Purse seine
fish cage-Nettingland
Fish Cage
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Popular Applications

Production of multifilament net

The multifilament net is produced by many steps, including the extrusion, twisting, weaving, heat setting and packing.

Raw Material

The fiber we choose is the best in China. the strenght would be 8.0-8.5g/d. Most of supplier choose 6.5-7.0g/d.


The fiber will be twisted by twisting machines. Outstanding machines and suitable process could reduce the strength lost.


The twine after twisting will be woven by weaving machines. 

Heat setting

The fishing net after weaving need be strengthen by length way or depth way. it could make the knot tighter.


The multifilament net will be put into a plastic bag, and the labels will be put inside together.


The multifilament net will be loaded into the container, which will be shipped to our clients around the world.

How to choose the nets

To make sure the multifilament net will be accepted and hot sale in your market, there are several factors you should consider.


Dyneema is the famous brand in the world, is also UHMWPE fiber. More and more clients choose the UHMWPE, because the net is much lighter with same strength as nylon or polyester. The lighter net could reduce the fuel consumption during fishing.

Mesh size

The mesh size should march the twine. The twine is thicker, the strength is higher. So the nets could catch bigger fish, the mesh size should be bigger.

single knot & double knot
Length & depth strength
Other details
double selvage

To make the selvage stronger, the most popular choice is double twine for the selvage.

packing of fishing net-Nettingland

The multiflament net is produced by piece, so it is also packed by piece. it will be packed into a plastic bag with the lable inside.

Resin treatment

To increase the abrasion resistance, one choice is to be treated by resin. The net treated with resin is harder by touch.

How to buy multifilament net

If you want to find a suitable supplier, here are some steps for your reference.

Specifications discuss

You could have a talk with your supplier about their products and factory.

multifilament fishing net-Nettingland

in the further talk, you could share the specifications with them, and ask for a best price.

Samples check

To check the quality, you could ask the suppliers for the samples to check their quality. You also could check the photos and videos of their production.

Order comfirm

After comparing the price and quality, you would have a discuss with your management, and decide to choose the best supplier.


The supplier will start to produce the nets as your requirement. You could ask the photos and videos of the production several weeks later.


All the goods will be loaded into the container when it is prepared. As usual, the supplier will share the photos or videos of loading with you.

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