Hail net

protect your crops from the demage of hail.


A hail net is a type of protective netting that is used to protect crops, plants, and trees from damage caused by hail.

It is typically made from polyethylene, and is designed to be installed over an entire field or orchard, or over individual plants or trees.

When hailstones strike the netting, they bounce off or are absorbed by the netting, rather than hitting the plants directly.

Hail nets are commonly used in areas where hailstorms are frequent or severe, and can be particularly useful for protecting high-value crops such as fruit trees and vineyards.


Popular Applications

Types of hail net

The hail net is also called anti-hail net. there are many strutures, here are several normal structures in the markets.

Knitted hail net 1#

This is the most popular struction in the market. it is produced by raschel knitting machines. it has large deformation when it hold the hailstone.

hail netting-Nettingland
Knitted hail net 2#

It is another structure which is produced by raschel knitting machines. it has the same functions and properties with 1# hail net.

hail netting for crops-Nettingland
Woven hail net

It is produces by Sulzer Rutti Loom. Compared to knitted hail net, it has higher strength and less deformation against the hailstone.

Production of hail net

The hail net was produced by many steps, including the extrusion, weaving, rolling and packing.

Raw material
raw materials of netting-Nettingland

The raw material of shade net is HDPE. To make the nets more durable, we will add the UV into the materials.

thread extrusion-Nettingland

The thread will be extruded by the extrusion machines. The hail net is usually made by the mono thread.


The threads will be woven into different struction by raschel knitted machines or woven machines.


The hail net will be divided into small roll of 50m or 100m by the rolling machines. it also could be folded during rolling.


The hail net each roll will be put into a plastic bag, and the labels will be put inside together.

shipping of shade cloth-Nettingland

The rolls of hail net will be loaded into the container, which will be shipped to our clients around the world.

How to choose the nets

To make sure the hail net will be accepted and hot sale in your market, there are several factors you should consider.


The quality of hail nets depends on the quality of HDPE, UV, color master and other additives. 

The warranty time of normal quality in the market is 3 years.


General speaking, the normal weight of hail net is 40-120g. the most popular in the market is about 60g.


The people has their own preference in different market, some colors would be hot sale, and some not.

Other details

There are several different kinds of eyelets to choose. it is used to fasten the hail net. We also could produce the eyelets in the middle of the nets.


The width depends on the width of your fruit trees. the normal width would be 3-6m. the normal length is 50-100m.


The hail net is usually packed by rolls. the total weight would be 10-20kg per roll, it is light enough to handling and instal.

How to buy hail net

If you want to find a suitable supplier, here are some steps for your reference.

Specifications discuss

You could have a talk with your supplier about their products and factory.


in the further talk, you could share the specifications with them, and ask for a best price.

Samples check

To check the quality, you could ask the suppliers for the samples to check their quality. You also could check the photos and videos of their production.

Order comfirm

After comparing the price and quality, you would have a discuss with your management, and decide to choose the best supplier.


The supplier will start to produce the hail net as your requirement. You could ask the photos and videos of the production several weeks later.

shipping of shade cloth-Nettingland

All the goods will be loaded into the container when it is prepared. As usual, the supplier will share the photos or videos of loading with you.

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