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Hot sale Rope in the market

We have many kinds of rope structure, such as 3-strand, 4-strand, 6-strand, 8-strand, 12-strand, braided. And the materials could be HDPE, PP, Polyester, Nylon, UHMWPE, we also could produce it by mixed material, such as PP & Polyester. All of them could be customized.

polyester 8-strand rope-Nettingland
polyester rope
black nylon braided rope-Nettingland
nylon braided rope
PP&polyester rope
PE 3-strand rope-Nettingland
PE 3-strand rope
PP 8-strand danline rope-Nettingland
PP 8-strand rope
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nylon braided twine
PP 3-strand Danline rope-Nettingland
PP 3-strand rope
UHMWPE braided rope-Nettingland
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twisted twine
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8-strand rope making

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braided rope making

Videos in production

We have one workshop to produce the rope. The quantity of our rope making machines is over 30 sets. The size of rope would be from 1 mm to 180 mm.

The rope would be test the strength after production, it is widely used in many fields, such as vessel, port, lifting, fishing, sports.

6 steps in the production

Raw Material
raw materials of netting-Nettingland

The raw we choose is the made by Sinopec, the best one in China. 

thread extrusion-Nettingland

To produce the high strength thread, we use the outstanding extrusion process.

twisting rope-Nettingland

The strand rope is produced by the twisting machine.

weaving of nylon braided rope-Nettingland

The braided rope is produced by this braided machine


The big size rope will be packed by bale, and the small one will be packed by spool.

bales of packed rope-Nettingland

The rope will be put into the plastic bag each bale with labels and shipmarks.

How to choose the rope structure

The structure is very important to the mechanical properties of rope, such as strength, abrasion resistance. The process is also different, as usal, the price of braided rope will be a little higher than twisted rope.

structure strength Abrasion
3-strand ★★
6-strand ★★ ★★
8-strand ★★★ ★★
12-strand ★★★★ ★★★
Braided ★★★★★ ★★★★★

How to choose the materials

The nets made of different raw material have different propertites, it is very important to the applications.

Material strength softness economy
HDPE ★★ ★★★★
PP ★★★★
Polyester ★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Nylon ★★ ★★★★ ★★
UHMWPE ★★★★★ ★★★★★

The density of nylon, polyester and aramid is higher than water, so the rope made of them will sink into the water.

some popular ropes to choose

Our rope is hot sale to many countries, all of them could be customized for different requirements. We also have some popular ropes for you to choose.

  • This is one of the most popular rope used in fishing, it could be used as parts of trawling net, or to be used to install or repair the nets
  • Application: Fishing, port towing, vessel mooring.
  • it is also the popular rope used in fishing and industry. it is not so soft as PE rope.
  • Application: fishing, port towing, vessel mooring, etc
  • It can be used as parts of fishing net, such as trawling net, seine net, fish cage. it has high breaking elongation, fatigue and impact resistance. but the resistance will be reduced by about 10% if wet.
  • Application: port towing, vessel mooring, fishing, sports, etc.
  • it has the best abrasion resistance, high breaking elongation and strength, and the properties is the same even it is wet. it is suitable for the continuous friction working situation.
  • Application: port towing, vessel mooring, etc
  • it has high strength and abrasion resistance, and it can be floated on the water. it is softer than PE rope.
  • Application: port towing, vessel mooring, etc
  • Highest strength, same strength as steel wire rope with the same diameter. it is 5-6 times stronger than other plastic rope.
  • Application: port towing, vessel, VLCC, military, petroleum platform, sports.

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