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There are many kinds of nets for fishing, including  the multifilament fishing net, monofilament fishing net, multifilament monofilament fishing net, knotless fishing net, braided fishing net, twisted fishing net. And the materials could be HDPE, nylon, PP, Polyester, UHMWPE, etc.

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Play Video about nylon monofilament net-Nettingland


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length strength

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9 steps in the production

Raw Material
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The raw we choose is the made by Sinopec, the best one in China. 


To produce the high strength thread, we use the outstanding extrusion process.

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The twisting and braiding could be customized in different colors

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Our outstanding weaving process can reduce the thread strength loss.

depth strength of monofilament fishing net-Nettingland

length way or depth way strength could reduce the slip knot and make the knots tight.

drying of fishing net-Nettingland

Drying in natural ventilation before packing could not reduce the strength of nets

repairing of netting-Nettingland

checking the defects after weaving and repairing them by hand, the defects include holes..

inspection of netting-Nettingland

We need have the final inspection to reduce the defects as possible as we can

packing of fishing net-Nettingland

All the packing details could be customized, including the labels, ship marks, kg/bale, pcs/bale…

Why choose us

There are many different fishing net manufacturers in the world. The only thing makes us outstanding is the details. Let’s show the details in production for you here.

Raw material

The quality of raw material is one of the key factors to the quality of fishing net.


the extrusion machine and process are very important to the strength of thread.


There might be some frictions during weaving, it will cause the strength loss. The strength loss determines the strength of fishing net.

Checking & Repairing

There might be some defects in weaving, such as holes. We need repairing all the defects.

Heat setting

it can make the knots tight and reduce the slip knot. To be treated with resin also could increase the abrasion resistance of nets.

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