widely used in many sports

The nets could be used as many kinds of sports net, all of them could be customized for you.

football net-Nettingland
Football net
rugbe passing net-Nettingland
Rugby Passing net
tennis netting-Nettingland
Tennis net
volleyball net-Nettingland
Volleyball net
golf net-Nettingland
Golf net
badminton net-Nettingland
Badminton net

Besides the 6 kinds of sports net, we also could provide other sports net, we can produce it as your designed.

OEM & design Service

All of details could be customized for you, including the material, logo, slogan and packing.

Play Video about net cutting for sports-Nettingland

net cutting

Play Video about cutting fabric-Nettingland

fabric cutting

Play Video about sewing of sports net-Nettingland


Play Video about inspection of sports net-Nettingland

joints cutting

Play Video about sewed sports net-Nettingland


Play Video about packing of sports net-Nettingland


Videos in production

We have an independent workshop for sewing works, just for the sports net and nets for garden, such as football net, baseball net, tennis net, golf net, volleyball net, badminton net, shade sail, privacy screen, etc.

Most of our clients is e-commerce, who has its online shop in its website or in Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Shopee, Wish, Walmart, etc.

So the details of products are all different. All the products could be packed independently by CTN. To reduce the cost of shipping and storage, the CTN would be as small as possible.

6 steps in the production

Nets Cutting
nets cutting for sports net-Nettingland

the nets will be cutted to pieces

Fabric Cutting
fabric cutting-Nettingland

the oxford fabric will be cutted in special shape as designed.

sewing of sports net-Nettingland

The workers sew the nets and fabric together.


The quality will check the products after sewing, and cut the joints off.

packing of sports net-Nettingland

All the parts will be put into the independent CTN or bags.

warehouse of sports net-Nettingland

The labels or ship marks will be put on the CTN for shipping.

why choose us

To ensure the quality, we need focus on all the details in production, including the sewing, cutting, painting and packing. Meanwhile, the quality of webbing and rope are also important.


sewing workshop of sports net-Nettingland

size control

webbing weaving for sports net-Nettingland
rope braiding-Nettingland
Bungee Cord
Powder Painting
painting for structure of sports net-Nettingland
package of sports net-Nettingland

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