monofilament net

widly used in gill net and casting net.


Nylon monofilament net is a type of fishing net made from a single strand of nylon thread.

It is lightweight and strong, allowing the net to be both durable and easy to handle. The net is usually woven to creat a mesh structure that allows water to flow through while capturing fish.

The mesh size would be different. It is often regulated by local fishing laws to protect fish populations and ensure sustainable fishing practices.

It can be used as gill net and casting net, it is a common and effective tool in commercial and recreational fishing.

nylon monofilament net-Nettingland
Gill Net
Gill Net
Casting Net
Casting Net


Production of monofilament net

The monofilament net is produced by many steps, including the extrusion, weaving, heat setting and packing.

thread extrusion of fishing net-Nettingland

The PA6 we choose is the best in China, and we will choose the most suitable extrusion process to ensure the strength.

workshop of monofilament fishing net-Nettingland

The thread will be woven into net by weaving machine. The suitable weaving machine and process could reduce the strength lost in weaving.


There might be some defects during weaving, so we need check and repair the net if there are defects.

length strength

The net will be strengthen in length way in this step, as usual, the net will be treated with resin to have different properties. 

depth strength
depth strength of monofilament fishing netting-Nettingland

If the net is depth strength, the net will be strengthen in depth way after length strength. The knot will be tigher after twice heat setting.


The nylon monofilament net will be packed into a plastic bag by piece. Several pieces net will be packed into a big plastic bag for shipping.

How to choose the nets

To make sure the monofilament net will be accepted and hot sale in your market, there are several factors you should consider.


The material determines the strength of monofilament net. If the manufacturers choose the low quality PA6, the monofilament net will very weak.

Mesh size

You should be clear about the most popular diameter and mesh size in each season of your market. It is important to whether the nets will be hot sale.

double knot & triple knot
Length & depth strength

The floats and sinkers will be installed on the top and bottom selvage, so the selvage need be strong. There are several different kinds of selvage for you to choose.

double selvage

This is the most popular choice in the market. The selvage is double thread which is same as the nets.

multi selvage

This is another choice for fishermen. The selvage is single multifilament twine. As usual, the diameter should be a little bigger than the thread of net.

multi mono selvage

Some clients choose the multifilament monofilament twine as the selvage. It is twisted by several thread, such as 0.20×3, 0.15×6, etc. 

How to buy multifilament net

If you want to find a suitable supplier, here are some steps for your reference.

Specifications discuss

You could have a talk with your supplier about their products and factory.


in the further talk, you could share the specifications with them, and ask for a best price.

Samples check

To check the quality, you could ask the suppliers for the samples to check their quality. You also could check the photos and videos of their production.

Order comfirm

After comparing the price and quality, you would have a discuss with your management, and decide to choose the best supplier.

workshop of monofilament fishing net-Nettingland

The supplier will start to produce the nets as your requirement. You could ask the photos and videos of the production several weeks later.


All the goods will be loaded into the container when it is prepared. As usual, the supplier will share the photos or videos of loading with you.

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