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There are 2 kinds of netting for safety, one is knotted safety net, the other is knotless safety net. There are many kinds of structure of knotless safety net. The most popular material for safety net is HDPE. And the colors would be red, orange, yellow, blue, white, dark green, black, etc.

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The process of safety net is as same as netting in fishing or agriculture. it is woven by raschel knitted machine or weaving machine.

The nets used for balcony, windows or the anti-falling safety net would be strengthen. 

It could be woven in different color, and the nets also could be flame retarded.

The net is usually packed by rolls, some of them also could be packed by pieces.

6 steps in the production

Raw Material
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The raw material we choose is the made by Sinopec, the best one in China. 

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The raw material could be add different additives, such as UV, frame retardant, and different color master.

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To make the nets more smooth, the thread would be warped by warping machine.

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The nets would be woven by raschel knitted machine or weaving machine.

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The packing details could be customized, including the lables, ship marks.

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The knotless nets in one 40′ container is about 12 tons, and about 19 tons for knotted nets.

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