seine net for tuna, mackerel, salmon, anchovy, sardine,etc


The purse-seine net is a type of seine net, which is used to encircle fish in the water. It is particularly effective at targeting schooling fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, anchovy, sardine.

Purse seines are mainly used for distant sea fishing and successful fishing can catch tens to hundreds of tonnes at a time. 

How it works

Main Parts of Purse seine

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Fishing net

The netting is typically made of nylon or polyester that are strong, durable, and able to withstand the rigors of fishing. It has a specific mesh size and shape that allows it to effectively capture the targeted species while minimizing bycatch.

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Float line

Buoyant floats are attached to the top of the netting to keep it afloat on the surface of the water. The floats are usually made of PVC or EVA and are strategically placed to ensure that the netting remains open and spread out.

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Lead line

A weighted line is attached to the bottom of the netting to keep it submerged in the water. The leadline is typically made of lead or other heavy materials and helps to create a “purse” or pocket in the net when it is drawn

Layout of the nets

The nets of purse seine are sewed by pieces of nets in different twine and mesh size. If you have the layout, you could talk with our Engineers directly.

Production of purse seine

Purse seine is a completed fishing net, the production is a little different from the fishing net by piece. we need install the floats and lead in our factory.

Net weaving

The nets will be woven in our weaving workshop, the process is same as the fishing net by piece.

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The nets will be sewed together with the ropes, leads and floats. everything will be made by hand.


the purse seine will be packed which should be convenient for shipping.

How to choose the nets

Choosing the right nets for a purse seine depends on several factors, including the size and type of fish you are targeting, the depth of the water, and the conditions of the environment in which you are fishing.

Types of nets
size of purse seine
Twine of nets
Mesh size of nets
Color of nets

How to choose the floats and Leads

The suitable floats and leads is very important to purse seine. the floats could keep the purse seine floating on the surface. and the leads could increase the sinking speed.

PVC & EVA Floats

How to buy a purse seine

you have 2 options: buy a completed purse seine from the supplier. the other option is buy the fishing net by piece and make the purse seine in your country by yourself.

Proposal discuss

If you have the drawings of purse seine, you could talk with the details with your supplier. if you just want to buy the fishing net, you could show them the specifications and quantity.


When all the details is confirm, you can get the quotation from your suppliers. And you would compare the prices between the suppliers.

Samples check

To check the quality, you could ask the suppliers for the free samples to check their quality. You also could check the photos and videos of their production.

Order comfirm

After comparing the price and quality, you would have a discuss with your management, and decide to choose the best supplier.

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The supplier will start to produce the purse seine as your requirement. You could ask the photos and videos of the production several weeks later.


All the goods will be loaded into the container when it is prepared. As usual, the supplier will share the photos or videos of loading with you.

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