The 10 Best agricultural net Suppliers in the world

Agriculture is the most important activities in the world, because it relates to all aspects of life. With the development of technology, the plastic netting plays a more and more important role in the crops protection, such as shade net, hail net, bird net, insect net, windbreak net, ground cover and so on.

The agricultural net is a big market around the world, do you do business in this field? If you want to find an agricultural net supplier, I think this post is written for you!

seeding of agriculture

As you know, there are many netting suppliers in the agriculture industry. All of them promise quality and service that is world-class. So, how do you know which one to choose?

In this post, we will list the 10 best netting suppliers in agriculture and explain why they are the best in the business. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about which supplier is right for you!


agricultural net of Nettingland

Location: China

Main products: shade net, hail net, bird net, insect net, ground cover

Other products: fishing net, sports net, safety net

Nettingland is a famous agricultural net supplier in China. They have many different kinds of nettings, which are widely used to protect your crops. When it is a small factory, the main products is shade net, which is the most popular nets in the market.

To meet more and more requirements from the customers around the world, they try to produce other nets, such as hail net, bird net, insect net and ground cover. Now they can provide the whole solutions of netting in agriculture for the different customers in the world.

install the hail net for the grape vineyard

I have a friend who is in the agriculture industry. He was looking for a supplier of nets and he came across Nettingland. He was impressed with their products and service and he decided to work with them. He has been very happy with the results and he would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality supplier of nets.

Garware Fibres

agricultural net of garware

Location: India

Main products: shade net, hail net, bird net, insect net

Other products: fishing net, sports net

Garware Technical Fibres is one of India’s leading players in the technical textiles sector. Established in 1976, the company today is a multi-divisional, multi-geographical technical textiles company and is known for providing world class innovative solutions in high performance aquaculture cage nets, fishing nets, sports nets, safety nets, agricultural nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes and geosynthetics.

grape in the vineyard

Agricultural nets are also their main products, they could provide a wide of variety of solution for crops protection. Shade net and insect net are their highlighted products, they are very famous in India market.

They also could provide other nets in bird protection, hail protection, wind protection and fencing, harvesting and vineyard applications.


agricultural net of Rabita

Location: Spain

Main products: shading net, anti hail net, insect net, windbreak net

Other products: aquaculture net, construction net, gardening net

Rabita agrotextil is a well experienced company with over 30 years in the field of manufacturing agricultural net and other technical fabrics, and likewise it has successfully adapted to the future being at the forefront of the agricultural technology.

using the ground cover for the crops

The agricultural nets are their featured products, it includes anti hail net, insect net, anti thrips net, windbreak net, ground cover net, mixta net, shading net and harvest net. All the products are made of 100% polyethylene.

Besides the agriculture, they also can provide the solution for aquaculture, livestock, gardening and construction.


agricultural nets of Emis

Location: France

Main products: Hail net, windbreak net, shade net, insect net, bird net, ground cover.

Other products: sports net, industry net.

Emis is a famous manufacturer of agricultural net in France. The agricultural nets are their main products in the market. They could provide special solution for clients in grape protection, hail protection, wind protection, sun protection, insect protection, bird protection, weed protection and other climate protection.

Apple in the orchard

Besides the agricultural net, they also play important roles in building construction, industry, breeding, sports and outdoors. All of their products could be customized for you.


agricultural nets of ginegar

Location: Israel

Main products: insect net, shade net, aluminum net, hail net

Other products: film and mulch

Ginegar is a very famous manufacturer of agricultural net and film for greenhouse in Israel. As you know, modern agriculture is highly developed in Israel. Ginegar could provide a whole solution of the coverings for greenhouse.

The agricultural nets as coverings could be anti hail net, anti insect net, greenhouse shading net and thermal screen. it could provide the solution for greenhouse in energy saving, heat reduction and weather protection.

covering of the greenhouse

Their most famous products is the greenhouse film, Ginegar was the first company to pioneer 5-layer for smart covers for intensive agriculture and horticulture applications. they could manufacture market-leading agricultural cover films for use in greenhouses.

Their cover film have unique thermal, mechanical and optical properties that make them ideal for protecting crops, enhancing growth, and meeting the varying needs of growers worldwide.

They have rich experience in the application of covering for greenhouse. if you have the greenhouse projects, I think Ginegar is a good choice for you, it can provide good suggestions for you to choose.


agricultural nets of Tesrete

Location: Italy

Main products: anti hail net, shade net

Other products: horticulture net,protective net

Tesrete has been operating for more than 40 years in the production of protective materials for the entire agricultural sector in Italy. Their most popular products are anti hail net, shading net and insect net. They have rich experience in providing the protection solutions for many different kinds of fruits.

Strengthened by forty years of know-how and experience, they launched a second production site in Serbia in 2014, in order to more easily satisfy the requests of the Eastern European markets.


agricultural nets of Svensson

Location: Sweden

Main products: harmony, luxous, obscura, shade net, insect net,ground cover

Other products: horticulture net

Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. The business started in the 1970s with a vision to transform and improve conditions for the professional cultivation of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses.

They has since revolutionized the industry with a range of innovative solutions. Their functional climate screens control humidity, temperature, and UV radiation according to requirements, creating excellent conditions for better and greater production in greenhouses all over the world.

the strawberries in the greenhouse

Their covering for greenhouse is very famous because of their textiles with outstanding design and function. They specialize in textile climate solutions, designed with insights from the contract and horticultural markets.

They could provide many kinds of covering for greenhouse, specially in energy saving, light diffusion, solar control, weather or insect control. If you need high quality covering for the greenhouse, Svensson is a good choice for you.

Fibras Plasticas

agricultural nets of Fibras Plasticas

Location: Mexico

Main products: shade net, hail net, insect net, bird net.

Other products: ground cover

Fibras Plasticas is an agricultural net manufacturer in Mexico, it has over 30 years experience in the production of nets. As you know, the Mexico is a big market for agricultural nets. There are many manufacturers and distributors in this market. So the quality is very important.

anti bird net for fruits

They are focus on the agricultural nets for different crops and fruits. Their most popular products are shade net, hail net and insect net.

Besides the covering, they also can provide other solution for agricultural needs, such as plant climbing nets, anti frost fabric, anti weed fabric. if you are looking for the partner in Mexico, they might be a good choice for you.

Textil Kopruch SA

agricultural nets of Textil Kopruch

Location: Argentina

Main products: shade net, hail net, insect net, windbreak net

Other products: Industry net, packing bag

Textil Kopruch SA specialized in the many kinds of agricultural nets for many years, it is very popular in Argentina. Their nets could be used in crop protection for different crops and fruits. Their most popular products are anti hail net, anti insect net and shading net.

Besides of the agricultural nets, they also can provide the solution for fence, construction, canvas, tarpaulins and industrial bags.


agricultural nets of Karatzis

Location: Greece

Main products: bird net, fence net, shade net, reflective net, windbreak net

Other products: bale net wrap, construction net, sports net

KARATZIS has been active in the manufacturing of innovative netting materials for over 40 years. it start as a small plant in Greece, and now, KARATZIS has evolved into an international leader with an active commercial presence in more than 70 countries and state-of -the-art production facilities in Greece and Germany. it is very famous in the agricultural net for the crop around the world.

bale netwrap in the farm

Besides the agricultural nets, they also could provide many other nets in crop baling, construction, home and garden, pallets netwrap, sports, tubular and industrial bag. All of their products could be customized for you, if you have requirements in this fields, you could have a contact with them.

Personal Thought

The agriculture is the foundation of our economy and our way of life. So the business of agriculture is also very important.

The agricultural net suppliers in the list are all very popular in the market, they win the trust of the customers by their professional technologies, patient service and high quality products.

Of course, there are also other good supplier in the market. if you have other options, please leave the message to me, we will share all of them to the people who need them.

sunflower in the farm

What we do is to help the man identify and find the most suitable partner in business. We hope we can work together to help the farmer improve the capacity of crops and reduce the damage from the animal and weather.

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