Best fishing net companies in Peru

Fishing net is a big market in Peru, and I found there are many fishing net suppliers in Peru.

If you want to wholesale the fishing net, and are looking for a partner, how to identify the supplier?

I would like to share a list of the best fishing net suppliers with you. Hope it is helpful for you to find the most suitable one to work with.


Location: Jiangsu, China

Main products: fishing net

Other products: rope, twine, sports net

Nettingland is located in Jiangsu province, just one hour from Shanghai. It is focus on plastic netting for over 20 years. In the beginning of this company, they are focus on the nets in fishing and agriculture, now they are also a leading player in the new markets in sports, safety, garden and industry. 

Compared to other manufacturers, they are focus on the high quality products. Because they think, The only thing which can help customers win the market for a long time is the high quality products. So if you want to bulid a long time cooperation with them, they are a good choice for you. And if you have any suggestion or problem, they also could improve it in the nearly future.

If you want to distribute some new products, but you don’t know much about that. They might be a good partner. They are very professional and patient, they will answer any questions for you. If you have some problems and need the solution, they can give you the detailed solution. I worked with them for over 5 years, and They care about all the details of the customer, and think about everything from the customer’s point of view, you can work with them much easier.

Badinotti Peru

Location: Callao, Peru

Main products: fishing net, aquaculture net

Other products: sports netting, safety netting

Badinotti Peru is located in the province of Callao, over an hour from the Lima (Capital city) airport. The ISO 9001 (2015) certified production facility is 20,000 sq. meters. A full-service Net Services Station of 9,000 sq. meters is also situated on the premises.

Established in 1963, Badinotti Peru employs over 300 staff members with 250 involved directly in operations.

Products manufactured at this location include raschel knotless nets, twisted and braided knotted nets, nylon, polyester, and mixed ropes, twisted and braided twines, PVC floats, and archery bowstring material.

Badinotti Peru exports products to Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Norway, Iceland and North America, providing Fishing and Aquaculture Nets, Sports Netting, Industrial Safety Netting and Archery products to a diversified group of global partners.

Fibras Industriales S.A.

Location: Lima, Chimbote

Main products: fishing net

Other products: aquaculture net, twine

Fibras Industriales SA is a company, with more than 70 years, leader in the production, distribution and sales for the fishing and aquaculture sectors, and with great market share in agriculture, sports, mining, construction and others sectors.

They offer our customers the most complete range of purse seine, trawl and longline fishing netting. All of our netting are made ​​of high tenacity nylon, polyester, High density Polyethylene, or Polypropylene. All Nylon and Polyester netting is protected against degradation from UV rays.

They offer a wide range of products thanks to the experience gained over the years. They can offer all types of existing netting, cages for different segments such as fishing, aquaculture, sports, and others,as well as a wide variety of ropes, twines and floats.

Final thought

Fishing net is very popular in Peru, and it is a good opportunity to do business about that. Hope this list could help you find the best one for you. And if you know some other good supplier, please leave a comment to share with us.

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