Fishing net is a type of net used for fishing, usually made of plastic, such as PE, polyester, nylon, etc. it is widely used for fishing in rivers, lakes and seas.

There are many different types of nets on the market, as well as a wide range of fishing net manufacturers.

Now, if you want fishing nets, then how do you identify the different fishing net companies? Here is a list of the best fishing net companies in the world that you can take into consideration.


Location: China

Main products: Fishing net

Other products: sports net, agriculture net, safety net and rope

I recognized Nettingland because some of my clients use their fishing net. They said that their fishing net have been used for many years, and it is still in good-condition. So I try to contact them to have a small start.

Now, I have been working with Nettingland for over 5 years. They are a very professional company and the products they produce are of great quality. At the first time, they just can produce twisted fishing net, and later, they also could produce braided fishing net and monofilament fishing net.

In recent years, they have cooperated with us to develop some new products, such as fish cage and purse seine net.

Now, they can produce many kinds of fishing net, meanwhile, they also can provide the one-stop solution for you. if you have a big projects to work with, they might be the best partner for you to choose.


Location: Taiwan, China

Main products: fishing net

Other products: Sports net, agriculture nets, twine and rope

King Chou is a fishing net manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. They specializes in the making of various fishing nets, twines,and ropes as well as agricultural ,industrial, military and sports nettings.

Owing to 30 years of industry expertise and the installation of most advanced machineries and facilities,KING CHOU becomes one of the leading fishing net makers in the world.

They have several factories in China and Vietnam. The gill net and trawling net are their highlighted products, they are very popular in Asia market. I also have several friends in fishing industry, their quality is very good. If you are interested in gill net and trawling net, they might be a good choice for you.


Location: Taiwan,China

Main products: fishing net

Other products: agriculture net

Ching Fa is one of the leading fishing net manufacturers in Taiwan. They have been in this business for over 70 years and have a lot of experience.

At the beginning, they are focused on cotton yarn under the brand of Rose. Because of the fishermen background, their founder-Mr Chen is quite acquainted with fishing equipments. So they initiated technical cooperation with famous netting enterprises in Japan.

After that, they purchased new machines and produced nylon twines. Net weaving machines were also brought in from Japan to produce nylon fishing nets.

And Now, they have several factories in Taiwan and Vietnam. Purse seine net is their highlighted product, and they could provide all the accessories for purse seine. If you are interested in purse seine, they might be a nice partner for you.

In addition, they also a new player in sports nets and agricultural nets. They could provide OEM service, all of their products could be customized for you.


Location: Italy

Main products: Fishing net, fish cage

Other products: twine, ropes

The Badinotti Group is an Italian company that has been manufacturing fishing nets for over 100 years. There are many great achievements in their long time development. One of their achievements is that they are the first company to produce the knotless net by raschel loom in 1955.

In addition to higher manufacturing efficiencies for fishing nets, the new machinery created new markets opportunities. Badinotti would now be able to produce safety and sport net products.

To meet the demands of the markets, they opened a production facility in Peru in 1963. And after that, They established operations in Chile (2001), Slovakia (2006), Italy (2013) and made acquisitions in Canada (2009), Chile (2011, 2015).

The knotless net is their most famous product in the market, at the same time, they have the rich experience in the fish cage. They could provide professional design for you. If you have the fish cage projects, you could contact with them, I think their proposal might make you satisfied.


Location: Thailand

Main products: Fishing nets

Other products: Twine

Khon Kaen Fishing net is a Thai company, which was founded in 1977 and registered by the start of the 10 machines and 60 employees with 16,000 square meters. and  they started to export the products to Asia, Indo-China, Europe, America, Scandinavia and Africa in 1988, then they start to produce fishing net.

In 1991, they opened a factory in China to produce fishing net. And later, more and more branch was founded, now they have lots of branches in Thailand, China, Myanmar and Vietnam. they help them to sell more and more fishing nets in these countries.

Now, they are one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturer and distributer of nets used in fishing and agriculture.  Their products are well-known and accepted by customers from over 50 countries around the world.

The most famous product of them is nylon monofilament fishing net. it is widely used in gill net, it is very popular for the fishermen in Asian market. They also have the multifilament fishing, and knotless fishing net and twines.


Location: Peru

Main products: Fishing net, Aquaculture net

Other products: Sports net, agriculture net and twine

Fibras Industriales S.A. is the company, with more than 70 years, leader in the production and commercialisation of nets for the fishing and aquaculture sectors, and with great participation in agriculture, sports, mining, construction, among others.

In the long time development, they have rich experience in fishing net making. Their most popular products are nylon multifilament net and nylon knotless net. It is very popular in the South American market.

They also could offer the most complete range of purse seine, trawl and longline fishing netting. All of the netting are made of high tenacity nylon, polyester, High density Polyethylene, or Polypropylene. All Nylon and Polyester netting is protected against degradation from UV rays.


Location: India

Main products: monofilament yarn, fishing net

Other products: fishing line, twine

Kumaran Filaments is an Indian company that has been manufacturing filament yarn, fishing nets and twine for over 25 years.

At the biginning, they are focus on the yarn making. And later, to meet the requirements of the market, they start to produce the fishing net for fishermen. And now they are one of the largest fishing net manufacturers in India.

The monofilament and multifilament yarn are their most popular products. They are sold to the most popular fishing net manufacturers around the world. The multifilament fishing net and monofilament fishing net are also their main products, they are very well-known in Asian markets.

They also a new player of the netting in agriculture, sports and other fields.

Garware Fibres

Location: India

Main products: fishing net, aquaculture net.

Other products: industry net, safety net, sports net, agriculture net, etc.

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd is one of India’s leading players in the technical textiles sector. Established in 1976, the company today is a multi-divisional, multi-geographical technical textiles company.

It is known for providing world class innovative solutions in high performance aquaculture cage nets, fishing nets, sports nets, safety nets, agricultural nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes and geosynthetics.

Their most popular products in fishing is braided fishing net, it is widely used in trawling net, purse seine. They also could provide the completed products, such as trawling net, purse seine, gill net and dole netting.

Besides that, they are also a good player in aquaculture net, such as fish cage. if you also have this projects, they might be a nice choice.


Location: France

Main products: Fishing net

Other products: twine

Altela has been a major player in Europe in the production of netting material for the manufacturers of fishing nets since 1990.

They are focus on the braided fishing nets, which can be made of nylon and HDPE. They use the new-generation raw materials, makes it possible to obtain better characteristics for the same diameter and mass per metre.

Their products are very famous in Europe market, they have different quality raw materials to produce the different quality fishing net for customers. All the braided fishing net could be customized for you, if you have special requirements, I think they could make you satisfied.


Location: Greece

Main products: aquaculuture net, fishing net.

Other products: sports net, etc

At the first time of 1982, Diopas start to make the ready-made fishing net, and then they start to make the fish cage for fish farming in 1993.

Since 2000, they start to make the nets for agricuture. and in 2014, they have their own mechanical equipment for the production.

Now, they could produce many kinds of nets in fish farming, fishing, sports, shading, crop protection, wind protection and any other special construction fields.

The nets for fish farming is their highlighted products, and they also could provide the whole nets, such as fish cage, trawling net, purse seine, etc.

Personal Thoughts

Fishing nets are tools for fishermen, the quality is very important. For the best net company, the quality is always on the first place. In this article, we have introduced the top fishing net companies in the world. We hope that this information will be helpful to you.

If you have other nice company, you also could contact me. I will share them together in the post. What we do is to help more and more people find the most suitable partner in their business in fishing net industry.

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