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There is no doubt that safety nets are an important part of any construction or engineering project. They provide a crucial level of fall protection for workers and pedestrians below.

As such, it is important to choose a reputable supplier who can provide you with high-quality safety nets.

1. What is the safety net?

Safety net is very popular product in the market, and we can see everywhere in our life and work, especially in the construction site.

Safety net is a type of net that is used to protect people from falling or being injured. It is typically installed in areas where there is a risk of people falling, such as bridges, construction sites, and walkways.

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Safety nets are made from sturdy materials, such as HDPE, nylon or polyester, which can withstand the weight of people and objects. They are also designed to be resistant to wind, dust and weather conditions.

2. The 10 best safety net suppliers in the world

To help you find the most suitable safety net supplier, I would like to share the best safety net suppliers in the world for your reference.


Location: China

Main products: safety net, debris net, construction net, scaffolding net.

Other products: fishing net, agricultural net, sports net, etc.

Nettingland is very famous supplier of plastic netting in China. They have over 20 years experience in manufacturing nettings.

As the start, they just have several weaving machines in a small workshop. And now, they have over 30 knitted weaving machines, the max width of weaving machines is over 9m.

They could produce many kinds of safety nets, all of them could be customized for you, such as color, structure, weight, width and length. They also can meet your requirements in UV and flame retardant. If you could provide the samples, they could produce the same products as your sample.

To meet the requirements of the distributors around the world, the details of packing also could be customized, including the label, ship mark, etc.

To make transport, storage and distribution easier, all the nets by roll could be folded, the final width of rol would be 1.0-1.5m at most.

Barry Cordage

Location: Canada

Main products: safety netting, fall protection safety net

Other products: rope, sports net, cargo net, etc

Barry Cordage has over 40years experience of design and manufacturing for nets and ropes. They strongly believes in advancing the safety and quality of our products through continuous R&D and testing.

All of their products will be beared their logo, it can reflect their commitment, unique expertise and innovative solutions.

By keeping safety, quality and sustainability at the forefront of their business model, they have remained an industry-leading producer of high-quality products designed to excel in the harshest environments.


Location: Greece

Main products: fish acquaculture net, safety net

Other products: sports net, agricultural net, cargo net, etc.

Helnet S.A. was founded in 2004, their activities are the result of the synergy of its founders. The great experience in the use of synthetic threads, framed by scientific training and twenty years of involvement in studies and construction of special nets for sensitive fields such as fish farming, resulted in the know-how that is the inspiration for the design and manufacture of all of their products.

The disposition and love towards the object of occupation pushes them to continuous researches and efforts for the development and improvement of these products.

Dedication to quality, constant evolution, research for new applications of their products are only some of the features that make Helnet S.A. a reliable partner not only in Greece but also abroad


Location: USA

Main products: debris net, safety net

Other products: privacy fence, custom print mesh, tarps, etc

Pro-Tect is a family owned company that was founded back in 1996. They offer an extensive range of products for both the construction and industrial sectors.

What sets Pro-Tect apart from the competition is their excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to build strong relationships with their clients and provide the best possible service at all times. Plus, they keep their products competitively priced without resorting to high pressure sales tactics or gimmicks.

If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to provide high quality safety nets, Pro-Tect is definitely the way to go.


Location: Switzerland

Main products: protective net, sports net

Other products: ropes, straps for load, chains, wire ropes, etc

Ullmann has over 100 years experience in manufacturing rope and nets, which are widely used in safety, industry, marine and other fields.

They are one of the leading manufacturers of safety nets and their products are used all over the world. They have a wide range of products that are perfect for any need and they are always innovating to bring you the best possible solutions.

Their products are made from high-tech fibers and they use the latest production and testing facilities to ensure that the products are all of the highest quality.

They have a team of experts that are always available to help you find the perfect solution for your needs and they are confident that they can provide you with the best possible product.

Their most famous product is the rope, the specially developed rope is used wherever impact and energy on attachment points are to be destroyed, such as boat slip lines, recovery and towing ropes for vehicles, etc.

In the USA, this rope system is used successfully as hurricane protection for sailing ships and motor yachts. 

Bird safety net

Location: India

Main products: safety net

Other products: shade net, bird net, etc

Bird safety net company is a leading manufacturer of safety nets and bird nets in India. Their products are made from high quality materials such as polyethylene, nylon and cotton.

Besides manufacturing safety nets, Bird Safety Net Company also provides a one-stop solution for their customers. If you have a construction project that requires safety nets, they will be able to provide you with everything you need.

If you are in need of a safety net supplier, don’t hesitate to contact Bird Safety Net Company. They will be able to provide you with the high quality products and services you need.

Iri Factory

Location: Vietnam

Main products: safety net, scaffolding net

Other products: agricultural net, shade nets, insect net, bird nets, etc

Iri Factory is established in 2019. They have been gaining a good reputation in the market because of their good quality products and services. Their main markets are Vietnam and its surrounding countries in Asia.

The company specializes in plastic nets for industry and agriculture. Their famous products include windbreak net, animal net and construction net. These products have helped the company win good feedback from the market.

In the near future, Iri Factory plans to explore new markets in other countries. This will help them expand their business and increase their profits.


Location: UK

Main products: safety net, industry net

Other products: sports net, bird nets, olive net.

Established in 1996, Huck Nets UK is the largest manufacturer of made to order and bespoke netting in the UK. Blending traditional and modern techniques, their world-renowned knotless netting can be made to any shape and size.

They are best known for producing custom netting for use in construction, sports and industrial projects. If you have some projects in location, they also could provide the installation service for you.

Their installation services include Sports, industrial, bird control, industrial, playground and environmental installations.


Location: Switzerland

Main products: wire net, wire rope

Other products: architectural ropes, lifting rope, etc

Jakob is a family owned company, which is founded in 1904. Over 110 years experience in manufacturing ropes and nets, their products are very popular in the market because of their high quality.

Compared to other company in the list, their products are made of steel. So the safety net is one of the part of the architecture. You can use their nets in building, bridge, gardening, balustrading, playground or animal fields.

With the develpment of a long time, they have manufacturing sites in Trubschachen (CH) and Saigon (VN), and have branches in Germany, France and USA. If you are looking for the partner in steel safety net, they might be a good choice for you.

Hsia Cheng woven textile

Location: Taiwan, China

Main products: insect net, hail net, scaffolding net, shade net, etc

Other products: non-woven fabric, silo bag, ground cover.

Hsia Cheng woven textile was founded in 1967, specialized in the plastic nets for agriculture, greenhouse and construction.

Their main business is the nets for crop protection, their products can provide many different functions to protect the crops from the demages caused by different factors.

Recently, they start to provide the nets in safety and construction. Similar with shade net and hail net, they hope their safety net could also win the market by their good quality in the nearly future.

3. How to choose a safety net supplier

When choosing a safety net supplier, it is important to consider their experience, reputation and the quality of their products.


Most of the safety net is made of HDPE, and the high quality product should be made of 100% virgin raw material and UV. it can increase the service time, because the safety net is used under the sunlight all the time.

Quality Inspection

It is very important for you to check the quality of the samples in advance. If possible, you also can test them if you have the requirements in breaking resistance, impact resistance and flame retardance.


Good safety net supplier has nice production equipments and skilled operators, these are the key factors to the quality. You could check the photos or videos in production. They can help you learn more details about your supplier.

warning net-Nettingland


Service is also very important. If you build a nice cooperation with your supplier, you are the partner to work together. If there are any problems or requirements, your supplier should provide professional solutions or suggestions. They can make your work easier and more comfortable.

4.Personal Thought

Now, if you read here, I think you are so clear how to choose your partner. If you have any questions or suggestions to talk with me, you also could contact me.

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