I would like to share a story with you about the bird net.

One of my friend had a talk with me. He has an over 10 hectares vineyard, but there was one problem that kept bothering him.

There are too many birds around his vineyard, and in the near mature season, these birds take a lot of damage to the vineyard every day.

Grapes that have been eaten by birds will accelerate the spoilage of other grapes, It greatly reduces the yield of the vineyard and the quality of the grapes.

Is there any solution to solve this problem?

I think there might be some clients like you have the same trouble, so I write this blog, hope it could help you solve your problem.

What is the bird netting

Bird net is one kind of netting served as a physical barrier, preventing birds from accessing and damaging crops while allowing essential sunlight, air circulation, and pollination. It is widely used as covering in vineyards, orchards, and gardens.

Bird netting--Nettingland

If you want to learn more details about bird net, you could click Bird Netting. You could see the applications, types, production of bird net. And you can see How to choose the bird net.

Zone Netting

The zone netting is also called size netting, it is one kind of installation for grapes. The zone netting is usually packed by roll, the width is about 1 meter.

How to install and take off

The installation method is as shown in the picture below. Only the middle part of the vine is covered with nets, where the grapes grow.

There are 2 steps in installation:

1.fasten the head of roll on the row of grapes, such as wire or post. and then put the roll around the whole row. And fasten the end of roll to the post of row. The row of grapes is covered by bird nets by both sizes.

2.To prevent the bird damage the grapes on top and bottom, we need fasten the nets by clips on top and bottom.

You also could click the Video of Zone Netting Installation to learn more about this.

It is also easy to tak off, as usual, it could be removed by hand, it also could be removed by machines. But before that, you should remove the clips on the top and bottom.

You could learn the details by this video Remove the zone netting.

This is very popular in small vineyard. The cost of bird netting is very low, and it is easy to install.

However, because the grapes are very close to the bird net, so the birds also could eat the grapes which is close to the nets. Meanwhile, It takes more time in installation, so the man hour would be higher. It is not a good choice in large vineyard.

Types of bird net as zone netting

There are many types of bird net could be choosed as zone netting.

I would like to share one popular structure of bird net for your reference. The different clients have different preference, but the bird nets have same functions.

If you want more structures, you could contact me, I would like to share more samples with you.

Over-Row Netting

This is another kind of bird netting in the market. The whole vine will be covered by the netting from the top, not just the middle of vine.

How to install and take off

The over-row netting is usually installed by machines, so the installation is easy and fast. The nets could be installed row by row, it also could be installed more rows each time.

The machines will be a little different, I would like to share the 2 kinds of methods with you.

Row by row installation

The nets will be installed one row each time. one person drive the truck with machine, and 2 person on the both sizes of the row to help to spread out the nets on the ground.

The width of net might be 2-3meters, it could cover just one row, so you should install the nets row by row. Meanwhile, the distance between each row is very small, so the machine could not be very large.

You could learn more about the installation by this video.

it is easy to take off by machines, the process is reversed. You could learn the process by this video.

2-4 rows installation

One person drive a truck, the nets will be spreaded out by this machine automatically, and 2 person on left and right to pull the nets by hand to help the nets be spreaded out symmetrically.

There are usually 2 or 4 rows of grapes will be covered each time. you could learn more by this video.

The width of nets is very large, it could be enough to cover 2-4 rows of vine. You also could connect the nets very 2 or 4 rows.

It is also very easy to take it off by machines, the process is reversed. You could learn the process by this video.

Types of nets as over-row netting

There are many kinds of bird net could be used as over-row netting. I would like to share the most popular one in the market.

If you want to learn more types of bird net, you could contact me, I would like to share some examples with you to help you choose the suitable bird net.

Overhead Netting

The 2 kinds of bird net above are covered on the vines, it is difficult for you to manage the vines in the whole season.

So if you want one kind of bird net, which could not interfere with your management and harvesting, I think the overhead net is the better choice for you.

How to install

The overhead netting is not covered on the crops, but the structure. So we need install the structure for the bird net in advance.

There are many kinds of structure for your vineyard, you could choose the most popular in your country. You should ask the designer to design the structure for your net syestem, the roof should be 30-50cm above the grapes at least.

Then you could install the structure as the design, including the post and steel wire. You need install the post every 10-15meters each row, and connect the steel wire in horizontal and vertical way.

After that, you could cover the net above the structure, and fasten the nets on the structure each row.

The bird net with UV could be used for several years, so the maintenance cost would be very low once the installation is finished.

You could learn more details about the installation by this video.

The cost of structure is very high, so if you want to use the overhead netting, you should consider every factors. I would like to give you some suggestions:

Long-term planting

If you want to plant the grapes for many years, won’t change to other fruits trees. the overhead netting is suitable for you.

Because the height of structure would be different for different crops. so if you will change the fruits trees in the nearly future, the structure need be rebuilt. This is a big waste for you.

Bad weather

If you want the bird net could withstand the bad weather, such as strong wind, hail, etc. I think you need the overhead netting. The overhead netting will be strong enough to protect your grapes from the bad weather.

Types of bird net as overhead netting

The most popular overhead netting in the market is HDPE heavy duty knotless net and knotted net.

knotless net-Nettingland

The normal specification of knotless net would be 240d/15ply, 25mmsq, and the normal specifcation of knotted net would be 280d/18ply, 25mmsq.

If you have other opinions of the specification, you can contact us, we will give you our professional suggestion.


If you read here, I think you might be clear about the bird net for your vineyard.

Which type of bird net will be the most suitable one for your vineyard?

Basical speaking, if your vineyard is not very large, and there is no problem for you to install them by hand, I think the zone netting might be more suitable for you.

If your vineyard is very large, more than 10 hectares for example, and the weather in your vineyard is not very bad, the biggest challenge is the bird. I think the over-row netting is the better choice for you.

If the weather is very bad, such as hail, strong wind, and the bad weather might reduce the yeild and quality of your grapes. You could consider choose the overhead netting. If your vineyard is also very large, I suggest that you should consider the budget, because the cost of structure is not cheap.

If you have any questions or other opinions, I will be very happy to hear from you.

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