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The knotless netting is one of the most popular nets in the market, it can be used in many fields. Compared to the knotted nets, the surface of knotless netting is very smooth.

It can reduce the damage from the knots. So it is very popular to be used as nets inside of trawling net, purse seine, fish cage, safety net for kids, etc.


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Just as the name implies, there is no knot in the knotless netting. The weaving process is a little different from the knotted net.

The fiber should be warped by warping machines before weaving. So it doesn’t need be twisted by twisting machines.

Where to use the knotless netting

It could be many different fields, such as fishing and safety. According our experience, we could introduce some most polular application in the market for your reference.

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There are many parts of trawling net, including the wings, square, top panel, bottom panel, cod end, etc, and there are usually 2 layers.

The knotless netting is usually used as nets inside of square, panel and cod end. The knotless netting could reduce the damage from the nets during fishing.

Purse seine

The most popular of knotless netting in fishing is to used to make the purse seine. There is usually one layer for purse seine, all the nets would be knotless netting, and the nets would be sewed together by rope.

This is the hand work. As usual, the fisherman buy the knotless netting, ropes, floats, leads and other materials, they make the purse seine by themselves.

Fish cage
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One another popular application for knotless netting is fish cage. There are usually 2 layers for fish cage, the layer outside is used to protect the cage from the damage of sharks or other predators. And the layer inside is to prevent the fish inside escaping from the cage.

The knotless netting is usually used as the layer in side. So the mesh size of knotless netting inside is usually smaller than the nets outside.

Safety net

The knotless netting is also could be used as safety net in construction. it could be used as the final measure of protection for the accidental fall.

As usual, the building in construction will have several layers of safety nets in different floor. So the strength is very important.

Sports net
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The knotless netting also could be used as sports net, such as football net, rugby net, golf net, baseball net, tennis net, hockey net, lacrosse net, etc. It would be sewed with oxford fabric or PVC fabric in different shapes.

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One of application of knotless netting could be playground for kids. The kids would play, jump or climb on the nets in the indoor or outdoor playground. Meanwhile, it also could be used as the fence net or safety net to protect kids from falling.

Filter net

One new application for knotless netting is filter net, it could be used in sewage pipe, cooling pipe of nuclear power station, beach, etc

How to choose the knotless netting


The material of knotless net could be HDPE, polyester, nylon, UHMWPE. The properties would be as followed:

materialstrengthAbrasion resistanceImpact resistanceChemical resistancewater 
Ageing resistanceCold resistancePrice

HDPE : the diameter would be 190D-380D, 3ply-1500ply.

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Polyester and nylon: the most popular diameter would be 210D, 3ply-1500ply.

UHMWPE: the most popular diameter would be 250D, 12ply-180ply.

Mesh size

If you use it in fishing, the mesh size depends on the fish size you want to catch, we could produce the mesh size from 5mm to 1000mm.

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If you use it in safety, the mesh size would be 30-75mm.

For the UHMWPE knotless netting , the mesh size would be a little larger than the other materials, because its strength is much higher, so it can catch much larger fishes. The mesh size would be 50mm-1500mm.


As usual, the different colors of nets means different quality, the fishermen also identify the quality by colors. And the meaning of same color in different market might be different. For some distributors, they have their own colors, different brand have their own different color for fishermen to choose.

Meanwhile, the same nets could be woven by 2 or more different colors, this is used as a special mark in their brand. The fishermen could identify it easily.

Strength way

There are 2 kinds of strength way to choose: length strength and depth strength. There is no difference in function, it depends on the applications.


The knotless netting could be treated with resin, it could increase the abrasion resistance. But it feels a little harder by touch.

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It could be packed by piece, and the nets will be packed into independent plastic bag. The labels would be put on each piece of net, and the shipmark would be put on the surface of plastic bag.

The label and shipmark include the information of the products, our client could identify the products by the information.

To help our clients manage the products more conveniently in warehouse, all the details of packing would be customized, including the label, shipmark, pieces/bale(CTN), etc.

How to identify the qualtiy

There are many knotless netting in the market, and the quality would be a little different, which one is the better, which one would be the most suitable for you?

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I would like to share some details for your reference.


The strength of different material is different, and the same material, the strength of knotless netting would be a little different. Because the manufacturer choose the different raw materials.

If you have requirements in strength, we can choose the most suitable raw materials for you. And we can have a test after production, and share the test report with you.


The thread might be broken during weaving, when the thread is broken, the weaving machine will be stop. It remind that the operators should check what the problem it is.

If the operator find the thread broken, they shoud deal with it. if they can’t find the problem, they shoudl ask the equipment maintainance team for help.

If there are any defects on the nets during weaving, including the holes, the operator should mark the defects with the red fibers. After weaving, our repairing team will check and identify the nets again, and repair the defects by hand. This is very important, because it can reduce the defects in production.

Mesh size problem

The mesh size is a very important factor in our production process, and the operator and quality team will check the mesh size during weaving and strength heat treatment.

As usual, the mesh size in weaving would be a little bigger, because the mesh will be shrinked after strength heat treatment.

If the mesh size is not correct, there might be some problems in production. So the operators and quality controller shoudl check the process in all the steps of production.

Once they find the problem, they should control the production and have an analysis with technical team.

How to control the quality

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Quality is on the first place in our factory. Because high quality products can help our clients win the market for a long time, and low quality products will lost the market forever.

This is a teamwork, it also includes our clients. So the feedback from our clients is also very important, it can help us continuous improve our products all the time.

Process card

Our factory has the procedure, the technical will make the process based on specification and requirements in the order.

And when the order is arranged in the production schedule, the details of process will be made as process card, which will be put on each steps, such as weaving, strength heat treatment.

When the nets are woven, there will be a label on each piece of nets, the information of label includes the main process and requirement. The label won’t be moved out until the net is finished.


The record includes the production record and quality record.

The production operator each shift should have a record, including the key process parameters and any changes in the production. And the team leader should check if the record is normal.

Meanwhile, the quality will check the nets in production. If there is any defects, they also need mark them and have a record. And they should ask maintainance or technical team to have a check.

The record could reduce the risk of batch quality problem, which will cause a big lost.


This is the process flow of knotless netting , we have several inspections for the key steps in the production. We try our best to identify the defects in the production and repair them at once. The defect rate and scrap rate is our key quality index. All we did is to make sure that all the quality is under control.

To get a good quality knotless netting , we would choose the most suitable process, such as the speed of weaving. if the speed is higher, the strength lost would be higher. Our target is not the high speed of weaving but the higher strength.


The machines is very important to the quality, the quality of machines in different conditions might be a little different. For example, the temperature and humidity changes might caused mechanical problem in summer or winter. So keep a good condition is good for our operators and machines.

Our workshop has many auxiliary facilities to keep our machines in good condition, such as fans, dehumidifier, drying facilities.

Meanwhile, to reduce the strength lost, we need maintain the machines every week. If there is any problems, our productiom team will ask maintainance team for help.

And the production also would have an arrangement for the machines. For example, the similar specifications would be produced by the same machines.

How to maintain the knotless netting

If the knotless netting is used in fishing, such as trawling, purse seine and fish cage, we need check the nets after fishing each time.

Because the nets might be broken by the rocks during fishing. You could repair them with twine and rope by hand. it can increase the service time of your fishing net.

If the knotless netting is used in safety, I suggest that you should check the nets every week. if the net is broken, we should repair them at once. Because the safety is on the first place at any time. Maybe your action could save someone’s life one day.

If the knotless netting is used as filter net, I suggest that you should have a regular inspection and replace them if the garbage is too much.


The knotless netting has too many applications in different markets. and I think in this blog, you should know how to use it. If you have any questions, please contact us, we would like to share our opinions with you.

If you have problem, but you don’t know how to deal with it. You also could share it with us. Maybe we can provide our proposal for your reference.

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