what is the material of shade net

Shade net, also known as shade cloth, is a woven or knitted fabric. it can provide shade to protect crops or person from the sunlight in hot season.

It is popular in many kinds of fields, such as agriculture and garden. You might see them in your life or work. But do you know all the details of shade net?

Material of shade net

In the market, there are many kinds of material to be used to produce the shade net. But the most popular materials would be polyethylene and aluminum foil.

The polyethylene could be produced into tape and mono shade net in different colors. it has wider application, the shade net could provide the shade for corps, and also protect the crops from the hail, wind, birds, etc.

The aluminum shade net just could provide better shade effect, especially reduce the temperature because of the excellent reflective property.

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It is also called HDPE. Most of shade net is made of polyethylene. because it has many advantages:

  1. Durability: it has high strength to ensure that it could withstand the harsh weather conditions.
  2. UV block: it can be manufactured with UV additive to make sure that the shade net could provide the UV block for the crops. The service time would be 3-5 years in normal.
  3. lightweight: the HDPE is lightweight to make the shade net easy to handle and install. it also could reduce the cost for the farmers.

some manufacturer choose the virgin HDPE to produce the shade net, and some manufacturer choose the recycled HDPE. There are many differences between them:

  1. Service time: the service time of virgin HDPE shade net has longer service time in the same situation.
  2. Strength: the virgin HDPE shade net has higher strength to withstand the wind, hail and other bad weather.
  3. Cost: the cost of recycled HDPE shade net has lower cost, so it is more affordable for more people in the market.

Some clients prefer the virgin HDPE shade net, because they want higher quality product to make the service time as long as possible.

And some clients prefer the cheaper one, because they plant different crops in different season, they would like to replace them every season.

Aluminum foil

The shade net also could be made of aluminum foil. it is usually used in greenhouse or tunnel.

The price of aluminum shade net is much higher than HDPE shade net, but some clients still choose them. Because there are some advantages:

  1. Reflective Properties: the biggest advantage is the excellent reflective properties. it has much better cooling effect. In some market, the temperture is very hot in summer, the HDPE shade net could not provide enough cooling situation for the crops, but the aluminum shade net could do that. So it is popular in very hot area, such as Mid-east area.
  2. Lightweight: compared to HDPE shade net, it could provide same effect with lighter weight, so the cost would be not much higher.

How to choose the material

Now, you are clear about the characteristics of the two kinds of material. You might consider how to choose them.

I provide some perspective for your reference:


Most of crops stop growing if the temperature above 25 degree. So the temperature under the shade net is very important for the crops.

I would like to provide some crops which prefer aluminum shade net for your reference:

  1. Leafy Greens and Herbs: such as lettuce, spinach, kale, and herbs are often sensitive to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Seedlings: it is delicate and can be vulnerable to intense sunlight and temperature. A cooling situation will help them grow more healthy.
  3. Flowers: such as orchids or delicate blossoms, may require shading to maintain their quality and prevent wilting.
  4. Heat-sensitive crops: such as peppers, tomatoes, melons, or certain fruit trees may benefit from the shade provided by these nets, allowing for improved growth and yield.
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The crops above also could choose the HDPE shade net. You should check if the HDPE shade net is good enough to provide the suitable situation for your crops. If yes, I think the HDPE will be a better choice, because it is cheaper.

If your area is very hot in summer, the temperature under the HDPE shade net is still very high, I think you should choose the aluminum shade net.


In most market of the world, the HDPE shade net is the more popular one. Because it is cheaper.

If some very hot area, such as Mid-east, some greenhouse projects prefer the aluminum shade net.


If you want to distribute the shade net to the farmers, they will use them as covering of tunnel or greenhouse. The HDPE shade net might be more suitable for you.

If the outer covering of your greenhouse is film or insect net, you just want to use the shade net as inner covering to provide the shade, and you want it to provide a cooling situation in summer, the aluminum shade net is a better choice.


The price of of HDPE shade net is cheaper, so it is affordable for most of clients in the world.

To increase the reflective properties, the color of HDPE shade net could be silver. The reflective effect is better than other color of HDPE shade net, but still not as good as aluminum shade net.

The advantage of silver HDPE shade net is that it is cheaper than aluminum shade net. so in some market, it is used to replace the aluminum shade net.


If you want more different colors for shade net, the HDPE shade net would be the better choice. it could be produced in any color as you want.

The color of aluminum shade net could not be other color except silver.


If you want to add the UV in the raw material to increase the service time, the HDPE shade net would be the suitable choice. The service time would be different in different UV.

So the warranty time of HDPE shade net could be customized for you. But the aluminum shade net could not do that. The normal warranty time of aluminum shade net is about 3 years.


There are many factors for you to consider to choose the materials. But I think you have your idea now.

In summary, If the HDPE shade net is good enough for crops, you should choose the HDPE. If it is very hot, the HDPE shade net could not provide suitable situation for your crop, you need choose the aluminum shade net.

If you want to distribute the shade net in your market, I have some suggestions for you:

  1. ask the farmers: you could ask the farmers for the details in your market. they know the requirements and preference. If most of farmers choose HDPE, I think HDPE is the more popular one in your market.
  2. see the market: you also could see your local market. If most of shade net in your market is HDPE, I think this is the best choice for you.

If you have any questions, you also could talk with me. I will provide any solutions for you.

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