The multifilament net is one of the most popular nets in the market, it is usually used in fishing. Because it is very soft, so it can reduce the damage to the fish.


Do you have the same experience?

You are a fisherman, you are so happy that tons of fishes are caught by seine net. But you find that most of the fishes were hurt its surface by seine net.

You are working in a fish farm. some of your fishes were dead because they were hurt by the fish cage.

fishing boat

If have the same problems, I think this blog would be helpful for you to solve your problem.

The problem is that you should choose the multifilament net to replace your PE net. Because compared to PE net, the multifilament net would be softer, it could reduce the damage to the fishes from the nets in fishing or aquaculture.

What is the multifilament net

The multifilament net is knotted net, it is woven by nylon or polyester twine. And the twine would be twisted by fibers, the fiber is very soft, it is usualy 210D.

we can produce the multifilament net from 3 ply to 300 ply. Compared to PE net, it is softer, has higher strength. Compared to knotless net, it has higher abrasion resistance.

weaving of nylon multifilament net in the workshop

The specifications in the markets would be all different. To meet the requirements around the world, all the specifications could be customized, including the mesh size, mesh depth, mesh length, color, strength way, etc.

Where to use the multifilament net

The multifilament net could be used in many fields, here are some applications which are the most popular in the market for your reference:


The multifilament net could be used in purse seine, which is usually sewed by multifilament net with twine, floats and leads.The structure of purse seine would be:

purse seine fishing net

As usual, the specifications of purse seine would be different, the thread of multifilament net on top and bottom would be thicker. and the thread of multifilament net in the middle would be thiner.

Fish cage

The multifilament net also could be used as fish cage, which could be used to raise shrimp or fish. As usual, it would be installed inside of the fish cage, and the outside would be PE braided net. The structure would be:

fish cage

As usual, the shape of fish cage would be circle or square, the mesh size of multifilament net inside would be smaller than the nets outside. and the thread of multifilament net depends on the fish in the fish cage.

Trawling net

The multifilament net could be used as part of trawling net, because it has good softness, strength and abrasion resistance, so it is suitable to used as nets inside of trawling net to protect the surface of fishes.

trawling net

The nets outside is PE braided net, and the nets inside is nylon or polyester multifilament net. there would be sewed together by ropes and twines. To insure the strength, the nets would be sewed mesh by mesh, it is all handwork, it could be finished by fishermen, we also could provide the service for you.

Safety net

The multifilament net could also be used as safety net, it can be used as a last resort insurance against falling. Compared to the PE safety net, the multifilament net has higher strength, and it is soft enough so that it is more friendly to people.

It widely used in construction, bridge, industry, building, playground, school, park, etc.

You could see the multifilament net as the protection net in many areas. The safety is on the first place in our life and work, and more and more people realized that in the past years.

Playing net

The multifilament net could be used as playing net for kids in playground. More and more playgrounds have this project for kids, it can increase the sports ability of children.

Meanwhile, the high strengh could make the nets safe enough. and the service time would be 3-5 years with the UV additive.

As usual, the multifilament nets would be sewed with other nets together, it likes a cage, it can prevent the kids falling. Meanwhile, there should be 2 layer of multifillamet net, it also can reduce the risk of falling even one layer of multifilament net was broken.

How to choose the multifilament net

if you want to buy the multifilament net, which kind of multifilament net is the most suitable one for you?

Let me introduce all the details you need know.


The material could be polyerster, nylon or UHMWPE, it has the different price and properties.

materialstrengthAbrasion resistanceImpact resistanceChemical resistancewater 
Ageing resistanceCold resistancePrice

The polyester multifilament net has the similar mechanical properties as nylon, except the sinking speed. So it is very popular in some markets, because the price is lower than nylon.

The nylon multifilament net has the best water absorption, so the nylon multifilament nets have the fastest sinking speed when the fisherman drop them.

The sinking speed is very important in purse seine and trawling, because it could help the fisherman catch fish in time. However, the weight of nylon multifilament net would be much heavier when the fisherman pull the nets.

fishing boat

The UHMWPE multifilament net is called as the “king of plastic” because of its excellent properties. It is widely used in many kinds of fields, such as the high-end fishing net.

To have the same strength, the nets could be made in smaller diameter, so the weight of net would be lighter. it can reduce the power of pulling the nets, this is obvious in purse seine and trawling.


The most popular fiber used in the market is 210D, we can produce the multifilament net from 210D/3ply to 210D/300 ply, it can meet most of the requirements around the world.

Mesh size
the inspection measures the mesh size of the nets

For fishing, it depends on the size of fish you want to catch in the different season in different country or area.

For safety, the most popular mesh size is from 30mm to 75mm.

The mesh size we can produce is from 12mm to 500mm. it also can meet most the requirements in the market.


Fishermen have their own color requirements or beliefs in their countries, and they usually identify the different quality by different color, including the color of nets or selvage.

To meet the requirements of different client, we can produce any color with the pantone number or RGB value. The most popular color is black, white, blue, green, red, etc.

Strength way

All of our multifilament nets should be treated by heat treatment, it can make the knot tight and reduce the slip knot. this is a very important process for multifilament net. The heat treatment machine, process and skilled operators are all very important to the quality of heat treatment.

In our company, the multifilament should be treated by our high temperature vacuum heat treatment machine. it could provide stable and uniform temperature and pressure for nets, so the quality of nets would be stable and uniform.

There are 2 kinds of strength way to choose: length strength and depth strength. they have different direction in strength treatment.

Single or double knot

The multifilament net is knotted net, so the knots would be woven during weaving. There are 2 kinds of knot weaving process: single knot and double knot.

multifilament fishing net-Nettingland

The single knot multifilament net shoud be produced by single knot weaving machines, the double knot multifilament net should be produced by double knot weaving machines.

We have both kinds of weaving machines, so we can provide single and double knot multifilament net for you. As usual, the double knot would be tighter than single knot. However, if the thread is thick, such as 210D/96 or more, it is difficult to weave the double knot, so it is suitable for single knot.


The multifilament net could be treated with resin, it could increase the abrasion resistance and reduce the risk of slip knot. However, the multifilament net would not be as soft as before.

There is a detail for white multifilament net. The color would be a little yellow after the resin treatment. There is no problem for other colors.

The quality of resin is a little different, we have 2 kinds of resin to choose, one is made from China, the service time of resin is about 6 months. The other is made from Japan, the service time would be more than 2 years.


As usual, the multifilament net could be packed by piece, and the nets will be packed into independent plastic bag. The labels would be put on each piece of net, and the shipmark would be put on the surface of plastic bag.

The label and shipmark include the information of the products, our client could identify the products by the information.

To help our clients manage the products more conveniently in warehouse, all the details of packing would be customized, including the label, shipmark, pieces/bale(CTN), etc.

How to indentify the quality

Actually speaking, there are many manufacturers of multifilament net in the market, and the quality is different. The purpose of process control and quality control is to reduce the defects in the production. According our experience, I will share some typical defects in the production for you to indentify the quality.

process flow of multifilament net

You can find some holes in the nets, the twine might be broken, or the twine was not woven together.

There might be a problem in weaving process: the twine was broken during weaving, or there are some problem in weaving machines.

The operators should check the nets all the time, Once they found the defects, they should mark the defects on the nets with red fibers. The repairing team would identify the marks after weaving and repair the nets by hand.

Slip knot

You can put your fingers cross the mesh to pull the knots, if the knots is slipping, or the mesh shap is not diamond, the problem is knot slip.

There might be a problem in weaving process or heat treatment of strength. So the skilled operators and technical team could reduce this defects.

The inspection team will check the knots after length strength or depth strength, if they find the slip knot, they shoud inform it to the production manager, and have an anlysis with the technical team and do the action to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Mesh size problem

The mesh size is out of tolerance, or the mesh size is not uniform.

There might be a problem in weaving machine. if the mesh size is out of tolerance, the problem might be caused by wrong size margin in weaving. if the mesh size if not uniform. the problem might be caused by weaving machines. the technical team should have a check with the weaving machines.

The mesh size would be check after weaving and strength treatment, if there is any problem, the technical team would have an anlysis and change the weaving or strength treatment process.

In some cases, the mesh size might be changed several months later. The problem might be caused in strength treatment process. General speaking, if the strength treatment is OK, the knot is tight, the mesh size is stable, and the nets won’t shrink again.


You can find too many joints in the nets.

Actually speaking, there will be some joints in the nets indeed, because the spool of twine need be changed during weaving. Our repairing team would check the nets and cut the joints off after weaving.

How to maintain the multifilament net

As usual, the service time of multifilament net is about 3-5 years. However, it might be broken during using, especially in fishing. We should check the nets after using. If the net was broken, we should repair the nets by hand with rope and twine.

If you need support of repairing net, we could provide some videos for your reference.


In normal conditions, our multifilament net can provide 3-5 years warranty. If you have other requirements, we can provide the professional proposal for you.


In this blog, I think you are clear about the details of multifilament net. If you have other requirements, you can contact us at any time. We have professional team to provide the suitable proposal for your reference.

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