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The nylon monofilament net is one of the most popular fishing net in the market. Compared to the multifilament net, braided net and twisted net, it is so light that it could be used by hand. So it is could be used in small river or pool.


Are you finding the fishing net, which could be used by hand in a small boat?

Or you want to catch the same fish in similar size?

If yes, I think the nylon monofilament net is most suitable fishing net for you.

The other fishing net, such as trawling net and purse seine are very large and heavy, it must be used by machinery in big vessel. it is suitable for a fishing team, and the quantity of fishes one time might be several tons. And the types and size of fishes are much different.

The nylon monofilament net is different, it is very light, so that it could be used by hand. Meanwhile, the nylon monofilament net likes a wall in the water, the fishes could not see the nets because the net is very thin.

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When the fishes go through the nets in the mesh size, the fishes with the similar size of mesh will be stuck in the nets. So we can catch the same size fish by exact mesh size.

What is the nylon monofilament net

The nylon monofilament net is knotted net. Compared to other nets, it is woven by single monofilament thread. So the strength of monofilament thread is very important. The diameter of thread would be 0.14-1.60mm.

Because the fishes are caught by mesh size, to catch different size fishes, the mesh size for fisherman is all different. The specifications could be customized for the clients, including the diameter, mesh size, colors, md and length.

Where to use the net

Gill net

The most popular application for nylon monofilament net is gill net, we can install the leads on the bottom and floats on the top of the nets.

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The gill net is about 50-100m in length, and 3-5m in depth. the total weight would be several kilograms, it could be used in small river, pool, etc.

How to choose the net

Frankly speaking, there are many kinds of nylon monofilament net with different quality in the market. And the quality and price accepted by the fishermen in different countries is also different. So which kinds of nets is the most popular nylon multifilament in your markets?

You should know the difference of different quality monofilament net in the market, including all the details, such as strength, color, diameters, mesh size, etc


The strength of nylon monofilament net is a very important property. it is the main performance index to identify different quality.

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The raw material is an important factor to the strength. Our normal nylon monofilament net is made of PA6 from Sinopec, the best quality nylon in China. If our customers require higher quality nets in their markets, our monofilament net could be made of PA6 from Janpan or Germany.

According to our experience, the customers in Europe, North America, South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia preper to the higher quality nylon monofilament net.


The diameter of our nylon monofilament net could be from 0.14mm to 1.60mm. the thicker the diameter, the higher strength the nets.

The nets in thin diameter is used for small fishes. and the nets in thick diameter is used for big fishes. So you can choose the diameter based on the fishes you want to catch.

Mesh size

The mesh size is also a very important specification to the nylon monofilament net. Because the fishes are caught by the mesh size, so the fishermen usually use many different mesh size to catch different fish in different season. If you are a distributor, we suggest that you could prepare several different mesh size for the fishermen to choose.

As usual, the mesh size is related to diameter. For small fish, the diameter should be small, and the mesh size is also small. For big fish, the diameter should be big, and the mesh size also would be big.


In order to avoid the nets being found by fishes in water, the color of nets should not be too obvious. So the color of nylon monofilament net are usually transparent, white and green. The green net is similar with the color of water in river or pool.

Meanwhile, to help fishermen identify different quality, the color of selvage is usually used as a special mark. Each customer have their own special colors of selvage for their different brand in different countries.

Strength way

All of our nylon monofilament net should be treated by heat treatment. it is very important to the knot. The suitable strength process could make the knot tight, small, uniform and beautiful. it can reduce the defect of slip knot.

There are 2 kinds of strength way for clients to choose: length strength and depth strength

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Compared to other net, the process of strength heat treatment is different. Length strength is treated by one time, but the depth strength is treated by twice, the process of depth strength includes 2 steps of heat treatment: length strength + depth strength


We have 2 kinds of knot weaving process to choose: doube knot and triple knot. Compared to other nets, the thread of nylon monofilament net is very thin, so we can produce them in more knots. it can make the knot tigher, meanwhile the knots would not be too big.

The requirements in different countries mighe be different, some countries prefer to the double knot, and some countries prefer to the triple knot.

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The triple knot would be tighter than doubel knot, and the process of triple knot is a little more difficult than double knot, so the cost would be a little higher.

Resin treatment

To reduce the defect of slip knot, the nylon monofilament net could be treated with resin during weaving. However, it might make the nets not so soft as the nets withour resin.

And the knot would be tight enough if the process of weaving and strength heat treatment is suitable. The resin treatment for nylon monofilament net is one options. Most of our client prefer to the nets without resin treatment.


As usual, the nylon monofilament net is very soft. So it would be packed into one independent plastic bag with label by piece. and then, several pieces of same nets would be packed into one platic bag with shipmarks. The labels, shipmarks should be customized for our clients.

To help our clients identify the goods in their warehouse, we could put the shipmarks on th e both side of the plastic bag. Meanwhile, we could packed bales in required weight or quantity per each bale.

The labels and shipmarks would be customized, including the specification of the products, such as diameter, mesh size, mesh depth, length, weight, pieces/bale, etc.

How to identify the quality

There are many nylon monofilament net manufacturers in the market, and we can provide different quality products for different customers. So how to identify the quality of products? We can share some details for your reference.


The strength is the most important factor for nylon monofilament net. General speaking, there will be several different grade or brand monofilament net for fishermen to choose in the market. The strength of each brand is all different.

The nylon monofilament net is made of virgin PA6, but the class of PA6 in different manucfaturer might be different. Some manufacturer might use the low class PA6 to provide a low price for their clients.

The strength might be very low. You can test the strength or check the technical sheet of the products. The higher strength, the higher the price.


The thread might be broken during weaving, so there will be some holes in the nets. When the thread is broken, the weaving machines will be stop automatically. The operator should check what the problem it is. Many problems could stop the machines:

1.the thread is broken

2.the spool of thread is empty.

3.mechnical problem

If the operators find that there is holes in the net or other defects, they should mark the nets with red thread to help the repairing team find them easily.

In our production process, Our repairing team will check and repair the nets after weaving.

If the nets with many holes, the problem is that your company would not inspect the defects in production, so they didn’t repair them in time.

Slip knot

Compared to other fishing net, the quality of knot is more important to nylon monofilament net. Because the fishes are caught by mesh size, and if the knot slips, the fishes could escape from the mesh.

You can check and test the knot by hand to see whether the knot is slipping or not.

Mesh size problem

The mesh size is very important to the nylon monofilament net. As usual, the fishermen will choose the extact mesh size to catch certain fish in certain season. if the mesh size is bigger or smaller, it might not be so suitable for the certain fish in that season. The worst result is that the fishermen will return all the nets.

So we will inspect the mesh size in production all the time to make sure all the details could meet the requirements of clients.

Color & Gloss

The raw material for nylon monofilament net is PA6, but the PA6 in different company or counties is all different. how to identify the high quality PA6 and low quality PA6?

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The nets made of high quality PA6 has good color and gloss. if the color is transparent, you can see the thread is close to transparent. if the color is white or green, the color is uniform.


The high quality nylon monofilament net is softer, both the thread and whole nets. You can check the nets by hand, if it is soft and smooth by touch, the quality is not too low.

How to control the quality

The quality depends on many details in production and inspection. High qualtiy products are not produced by one person but the great teamwork, including the technical team, production team, purchase team, inspection team,warehouse team and management.

Process card

When our clients place an order, our sales team will make a product list to the technical team, including the specification of products. Then the technical team would make the process for the products, including the raw material, weaving process, strength heat treatment and other details.

All the process would be informed to production team, quality team and purchase team. And then the production team will make production cards for each specification, the card includes all the detailed information in production, and it will be transferred with each piece of nets in each step of production.


Our production record would be made by the operators everyday. The team leader and inspection team would check the record whether there is any problem in production. Meanwhile, the quality team also will check the products and have a record.


The suitable process could reduce the defects in production. what is the most suitable process?

If the extrusion speed is too high, the thread is not so smooth and uniform, so it could reduce the strength of thread. if the extrusion speed is too low, the effeciency is too low, the cost would be too high.

If the weaving speed is too high, the thread might be broken frequently, and it would increase the abrasion of thread, all of these could reduce the strength of nets. If the weaving speed is too low, the weaving effeciency is too low, it can increase the cost.

The strength lost during weaving would be about 30-50%, all we did is to make the lost as low as possible.


There will be strength lost during extrusion and weaving, because there will be abrasion when the machines is working. So it is very important to reduce the abrasion to the thread and net.

Besides the regular equipment maintainance, we have our own actions to control the strength lost:

1.The thin thread will be woven by certain weaving machines, and the thick thread will be woven by other weaving machines.

2. Different material will be woven by different weaving machines.

How to maintain the net

The nylon monofilament net could be used in anywhere, so the use conditions would be complicated. The nets would be broken by the brocks, tree branch, or fishes. we should check the nets whether it is broken after fishing. If there is holes, we could repair them by hand. Good maintainance could increase the service time of nets, and it can help the fishermen catch more fishes each time.


In this blog, I think you could learn many details of nylon monofilament net. If you have other questions, please contact us, we can provide any support for you.

The market is changing all the time, the feedback of the fishermen is very important for us, and we also would like to provide our proposals or suggestions. Our target is to help our clients win the market by quality and service.

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